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The Blindside

Let’s face it, getting hit from the proverbial “blindside” is a scary concern for any business owner and can be a migraine headache in the making. The changing landscape of liability in the global business market today has exposed many businesses to hidden risks previously ignored or unheard of. A Captive Insurance Company (CIC) that prefunds potential risks can reduce exposure to these new and poorly understood risks. For these reasons, every successful business owner and physician should consider the many benefits of Captive Insurance.

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About Us

Captive Alternatives, LLC is an International Consulting Organization founded with the goal of assisting our client businesses in designing and accomplishing effective long term strategic business and insurance planning goals by the use of Captive Insurance Companies. Captive Alternatives has consulted with over 100 captive structures over the last 10 years. 

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Captive Tip of the Day

Because a captive is owned within the same economic family as the operating business, so long as the necessary requirements are met, there is full control over how premium dollars are invested. You also retain control over what risks are insured and how claims are paid.  This flexibility can be very beneficial to certain businesses.Michael Parise, Esq. - Copper Beech Financial GroupGreater Control
A captive is a separate, legally distinct entity, sheltered from the creditors of the operating business.  Should a business be able to purchase insurance from a captive, any underwriting profits of the captive are not subject to the claims of creditors of the operating business.  If a captive is owned inside a dynasty trust for future generations, or a domestic asset protection trust, the asset protection features are compounded even further.Michael Parise, Esq. - Copper Beech Financial GroupAsset Protection
“With proper risk management, you and your business can help to reduce chances of an adverse event. But who benefits from this situation? With your own captive insurance business your risk management efforts will pay off by offering you more protection in the future when the inevitable occurs. Prefund your risk today, and maximize the benefits of effective risk management.”Your Captive Business ConsultantProper Risk Managment
Did you know that there are 31 different types of risk coverage that can be covered using a Captive Insurance Company? Many of these risks might be hidden, i.e. risks that you have not considered because they are emerging risks due to a changing business environment.Your Captive Business ConsultantPrefunding Risk
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