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Protected Captives Convert Premiums into Assets

Captive Operations

Traditional insurance isn’t just expensive, it’s penalizing.

Businesses with effective risk management processes pay exactly the same expensive premiums as those without preventive operations. When the inevitable claim arises, the traditional insurer controls your legal representation, your settlement and the claim’s ultimate disposition – often without considering its validity or potential damage to your company’s reputation.

Managing these risks takes money – a lot of it. With companies already feeling the squeeze of ever-changing regulations and increased competition, where is the money going to come from?

With a captive, business owners can:

  • Fund selected self-insured risks
  • Reward themselves financially for effectively managing corporate risk
  • Transfer high risks to traditional insurers
  • Leverage government-provided tax incentives
  • Build tax-deferred resources to fund growth

Setting up a captive insurance company can involve layers of complexity and the learning curve is often steep. That’s why business owners turn to Captive Alternatives for help in creating and managing the innovative, new breed of captive – the Protected Captive.

Today, CapAlt manages more than 130 Protected Captive insurance companies. Recently, the company centralized its Protected Captives in Puerto Rico, where the inception-to-operation curve climbs faster than any other U.S. or offshore location. As a result, CapAlt can build a new Protected Captive from the ground up in just weeks rather than months, depending on customer requirements.

Take Back Control
with a Captive

Tired of wasting money on commercial insurance? Want greater control over your risk management budget?  That’s what captive insurance companies are for.