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An Overview of Captives for Our Referral Partners

Trusted Advisor

Captive Alternatives is a leading consultant helping business owners control their cost of risk through the use of captive insurance companies. CapAlt’s innovative business model, the Protected Captive™, helps owners manage hidden risks, transfer high exposure to third parties, and financially reward themselves for effective risk management. As a result of their Protected Captive, our clients cover a wide variety of hidden exposures, and achieve all their strategic objectives – both corporate and personal. CapAlt delivers custom risk management solutions through an industry-first Puerto Rico International Insurer, and manages operations from their offices in Atlanta and Puerto Rico.

Why Participate in Our Referral Partner Program?

CapAlt is one of the fastest growing, most innovative captive management firms in the country. Not content with the status quo, CapAlt has been forging alliances with some of the leading bank, financial services and wealth management firms.

Innovation in Approach

Our approach to risk management, captive creation and management is fundamentally different. We recognized the inherent advantages of a Puerto Rico Protected Captive structure for mid- size business owners, and have provided the market with a range of creative solutions. This includes highly efficient captive creation, solid underwriting and actuarial analysis, reinsurance pooling facilities that self-evidently work, and remediation capabilities to address the needs of older captives facing ownership changes under the 2015 PATH Tax Act.

Innovation in Process

CapAlt has invested six figure sums on internal processes, including award winning insurance management software from London based WebSure, and Great Plains accounting software. We have built scalability into our model and are ready to grow rapidly.

Innovation in Sales

We know business owners and we know how to structure risk management programs utilizing Protected Captives that make sense for them. We follow professional selling processes that focus on integrity, education, and validation. We work closely with our Channel Partners to customize marketing materials, and to provide valuable marketing collateral including videos, brochures, testimonials and case studies.

Key Partners Already Aligned with CapAlt

We work with banking giants like Morgan Stanley, the California Medical Association, Capital Preservation Services, and other national and regional Wealth and Investment Management firms to develop risk management captive solutions for their clients.

Contact Mark Sims, VP of Business Development at 812-327-3341 or for a conversation about how we can work together.

Business Owners and Captives

Why Captives?

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Families with generational wealth turn to help for preserving their financial assets.

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