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State says NO! to small employers!

Legislation that would prohibit small employers from self-insuring their employee benefits programs has been proposed in Maine. The proposal, LD 608, would prohibit a stop-loss carrier from issuing a policy to a business fitting the statutory definition of a "small employer," 50 or fewer employees, in the state.

Insure Against Hidden Risk with a Private Insurance Company

Although most physicians think of themselves as medical professionals first, they are also business owners. Owning a Private Insurance Company™ offers physician/business owners an efficient way to mitigate the risks inherent in patient care and running a business, while taking advantage of tax incentives and building financial resources to fund […]

How to Cap Employee Health Costs

Employees make healthcare claims every year, and every year the cost of those claims typically goes up. Every medical group owner and manager knows that. But few know that owning a Private Insurance Company™ can control the costs of those claims – this year and every year.

For decades, Fortune 1000 […]