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Private Insurance Companies Convert Premiums into Assets

Private Insurance: Managing Risk, Creating Opportunity

Did you know that you can protect your company against catastrophic risk by paying premiums to Private Insurance? Effectively converting RISK into EQUITY? When you have the confidence that your risks are managed and controlled, you can grow faster, protect your assets and your employees, build value more quickly and execute a more robust exit strategy. 

Captive Alternatives is proud to introduce Private Insurance. We are bringing Fortune 500 Risk Management solutions to small companies, helping them leverage assets to protect and nurture their companies. Private Insurance is a turn-key solution that delivers Risk Management, Tax Efficiency, Asset Protection and Exit Strategies.

About Captive Alternatives:

We bring over 100 years of collective expertise and have been providing risk management solutions for more than 16 years.  We have been recognized as industry innovators: as one of the Most Innovative Industry Companies and as leading Private Insurance professionals. In 2017, Inc. Magazine named us to their list of the nation’s fastest growing companies. At Captive Alternatives, we value transparency and integrity, believing that a fully informed business owner or advisor is our best advocate.

Take Back Control
with Private Insurance

Tired of wasting money on commercial insurance? Want greater control over your risk management budget?  That’s what private insurance companies are for.