Getting Started

Own a Private Insurance Strategy in a few weeks

Three Simple Steps

There are three simple steps involved in determining whether your business is a fit with a Segregated Asset Plan.

  1. Your underwriting information will be collected and a conversation will be held about your business, your present goals, and your company’s internal risks and current risk management programs.
  2. You will be provided with a detailed insurance / captive feasibility and actuarial analysis report that shows your business several levels of participation in the Segregated Asset Plan model, along with the associated costs and timelines of each option.
  3. You and your business advisors will select the program or programs that make the best sense to you, as well as a timeline for your implementation.

Once you’ve completed these steps, our consultants will commence with the creation of the Segregated Asset Plan. Once the Segregated Asset Plan is set up and running, risk review and renewal decisions will be performed on an annual basis. At each review you will be able to determine whether to continue Segregated Asset Plan operations, to adjust participation, or even to cease participation and wind down the Segregated Asset Plan.

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