Questions to Ask A Prospective Provider

Before you engage with a provider to help construct your Private Insurance Strategy, be sure to ask these questions:

How many Private Insurance Strategies have you personally created?
CapAlt has created more than 200.

How long have you been creating Private Insurance Strategies?
CapAlt has created Private Insurance Strategies that are more than 16 years old.

What is the first-year set-up cost of establishing Private Insurance Strategy?
CapAlt offers a sliding fee scale with a maximum fee. You will also need to find capital to start the Private Insurance Strategy, typically 1/3rd of premium.

What are the recurring annual maintenance costs?
CapAlt offers a contracted % of premium on a sliding scale.

Are your services “turn-key” or will I need to pay outside vendors for issues like accounting and compliance?
CapAlt offers a turn-key solution covering all management, accounting and regulatory costs.

How many of your Private Insurance Strategies have been audited?
CapAlt has had three Private Insurance Strategies audited with no change audits.

Does our contractual relationship include the cost of defending and responding to the audit?
CapAlt can provide coverage for defending and responding to an audit.

Can you provide client/professional references?
CapAlt has medical and other business clients. We are also sponsored by the California Medical Association.

How can I collapse or wind down my Private Insurance Strategy if I need to?
Final liquidation may occur with a taxable dividend payment.

What jurisdictions do you set up Private Insurance Strategies in?
CapAlt has expertise and resources in many domiciles however we recommend all our clients take advantage of unique laws and regulations in Puerto Rico.

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Captive Alternative’s six-step evaluation process creates a Private Insurance structure and operation tailored to protect against the identified risks, while providing the funding needed to achieve specific business objectives.